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Ad-Hoc Network Simulation

With increasing number of terminals equipped with communication interfaces for Wireless LAN, Bluetooth or GSM the possibility of building Ad-Hoc networks is within reach (find Details here).

Estimations of connectivity are helpful to assess Ad-Hoc networks for a certain application in a specific geographical surrounding field. For this reason we developed the simulation tool ANSim (Ad-Hoc Network Simulation). ANSim is a tool written in Java with a nice intuitive GUI (It even runs as an Applet). The user provides input parameters that specify the simulation like size and shape of the field and the number of nodes for the simulation. The user will receives as result for example the probability that two randomly selected stations are connected. For Visualization and debugging purpose snapshots of the simulation are shown. For further information see the Documentation.

Version 4.0 is finally released and available from our site as applet and scene generator. You can download here in the download section. Updated Documentation is provided here. ANSim 4.00 offers new features:
  • Pausing and continuing the simulation from GUI,
  • Pausing at a preset time in the GUI,
  • Slowing down the simulation in the GUI,
  • Showing detailled object informations by clicking the scenario graphic (standalone version),
  • ANSim XML-Traces as input for "mobility model",
  • Tools to convert ns2 mobility files into ANSim XML-Traces.
  • fig and eps parser to create ANSim configuration files conveniently and
For more information see the documentation and the readme in the download package.

The scene generator helps you to evaluate ANSim without installation efforts.