Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing research focuses small and medium sized enterprises (SME) or small research groups. From a technological (and not a service science) understanding of the cloud computing term, we are interested in research questions

  • how to provide cloud computing in a highly integrated and convenient way (manageable by one person IT-staffs)
  • how to avoid vendor lock-in by design
  • how to do a systematic and pragmatic cloud provider selection
  • how to define complex and elastic cloud deployments in a model-based way for business, (big) data analytics or (high performance) computational cases.

Team Member

Currently Supervised Students

  • Thomas Finnern (Master Thesis)
  • Christian Stüben (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Yi Zhang (Bachelor Thesis)


    Zhou Zhiyao (Bachelor Thesis)

Formerly Supervised Students

  • Yifeng Wang (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kewei Li (Bachelor Thesis)

Current Research Projects